EPRLive is the premier, web-enabled fringe benefit reporting system. We empower third-party administrators, employers and managers of self-administered trust funds to simplify reporting, lower administrative costs, and create efficiencies that improve service.

We help over 6,000 employers account for and correctly pay the rates negotiated in collective bargaining agreements for more than 80,000 employees every month in 200+ local unions.

We have the highest adoption rate of any reporting system and accommodate employers of all sizes. The benefits of implementing EPRLive include:

  • Eliminating data entry

  • Error reduction

  • Reduced delinquencies

  • Moving data and money faster

  • No need to print and mail reports

  • No investment in hardware

  • Top tier customer service

  • Seamless transitions when there are changes to collecting agents and fund administrators

  • Versatile configurations: